Microsoft Surface | How to Take a Screenshot


The Microsoft Surface doesn’t come with a keyboard and even if you bought a Type cover or Touch cover you’ll notice there’s no Print Screen button. So how do take a screenshot on a Microsoft Surface tablet?

This trick works with the Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

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Simply hold down the capacitive Windows button on the front of your tablet and press the Volume Down button on the volume rocker once. If you see the screen dim for a moment you’ll know if it worked. The Screenshot will be saved in My Documents> Pictures > Screenshots.

Image 3-31-13 at 6.15 PM


You can also take a screenshot with you Type Cover by holding Fn, Windows Key and tapping the Space Bar. Try it out!

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  • Ben

    cant get mine to work
    tried both ways you suggested. Im using a surface pro 2 128g

    • Lane Freeze

      I’ve never heard of anyone having your issue, Ben. The best I can suggest is a Refresh in PC Settings.

      • Ben

        Thanks man I was just holding the windows button to long, I found another link that said to press them both in quick succession and it worked. Have a good one and thanks for the help.
        SSgt Hymas, Jerry B.

  • Omega!!

    Awesome thanks for this I was wondering how to do it!!

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