Windows Store Spam

    Microsoft Is Cleaning Up the Windows Store

    The Windows Store on both large devices, and phones is chock-full of craptacular apps. That is, it’s full of apps that try to mislead users into purchasing and downloading them. This is a serious issue for the less-savvy users, as previous policies have allowed developers to name an app, and charge for it, without delivering […]

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    Windows 9 Preview for Surface

    Windows 9 RT Preview Coming Up

    During the past two weeks, there’s been too many reports about Windows 9 to keep up with, but this particular leak is especially important to Surface RT and Surface 2 owners. According to Mary Jo Foley, a preview of Windows 9 is also coming for ARM. “There will be a separate preview of Threshold running […]

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    Surface 2 Price Cut

    Microsoft Cuts Surface 2 Price by $100

    What’s this? Microsoft has officially cut the starting price of the Surface 2 by a whole $100, or 22%. I, for one, am glad to see this happen. The Surface 2 has been off everyone’s radar since the launch of the oft-hailed Surface Pro 3, and, let’s be honest, it’s about time. The Surface 2 […]

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    Windows 9

    Windows 9 Expected to be Unveiled on September 30th

    Multiple sources around the web, including TheVerge and ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley have said that Microsoft is “tentatively” planning an event on September 30th to introduce the world to Windows 9. Microsoft is in the habit of making pre-release announcements to build anticipation for their new OS far in advance of its expected public availability, […]

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