Will Sling TV live up to the Hype?

Sling TV, the newly announced TV streaming service from Dish TV,  received quite a few accolades recently. Engadget editors named it the “Best of CES” and numerous other journalists lavished praise on the service. It has been heralded as revolutionary new way to watch live TV. But can Sling TV, débuting in just a weeks, be able to […]

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Friends, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but Windows RT is officially, without question, dead. Before getting into the details of this, I want to say that WinRTSource is NOT dead. We will pivot, and continue to cover the news that’s important to you. Windows 10 is the way forward, and the name […]

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Xbox is Coming to Windows in a BIG Way

A few days ago, Microsoft uploaded a video titled “Phil Spencer Discusses 2015″. We speculated that Microsoft would have a major announcement that was somehow related to both Xbox and Windows, and boy did they! While Sony has a VR headset in the works, and Remote Play functionality in their top-of-the-line smartphone and the Playstation […]

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cortana digital assistant

Cortana on the Desktop

Joe Belfiore today previewed Cortana running on the Desktop. Interestingly, Joe was able to activate Cortana with the voice command “Hey, Cortana!” Belfiore went on to demonstrate the features we’ve all seen a thousand times. In essence, Cortana works exactly the same on Windows 10, as it does on phone, albeit with an interface that […]

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