Microsoft Smartwatch

Microsoft Band Technical Specs: 1.4”, 241 PPI Display and more

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got to know everything there is to know about this new and exciting new device. Below are the technical specifications for the device that Microsoft has provided, along with some additional information we’ve compiled.   Band material  Thermal plastic elastomer with adjustable fit clasp Display Size: 11mm x 33mm […]

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Microsoft Smartwatch

Introducing Microsoft Band, Available Now

In a rather unceremonious, no frills launch, Microsoft announced to the world their own smart wearable device, the Microsoft Ban, late yesterday evening. It’s available starting today. What is it, exactly? A Health and Fitness Tracker First First and foremost, the Microsoft Band is a device for helping you track every health statistic you can […]

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SUrface Pro 3

Windows 10 Will Ad Mac-Like Touchpad Gestures

During TechEd 2014 Microsoft’s Windows lead, Joe Belfiore showed off a few new features for Windows 10 that will definitely interest laptop and Surface Pro users. Built into Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1) is support for “high precision trackpads”. Microsoft has worked with Intel to make it possible to drastically improve the trackpads we have […]

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Microsoft’s Surface is becoming a Financial Success

Microsoft originally introduced the Surface product line in order to inspire OEMs to create dual purpose devices that would excite the market. As a secondary objective, Microsoft hoped to begin making money on the venture, and it appears that’s starting to happen. Although we don’t have specific sales numbers, and the report doesn’t indicate exactly […]

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Latest Surface 2 Update Radically Improves Stability

Microsoft tends to update some, but not all of their Surface device firmware each month. For a couple months running, no significant updates have come out for the Surface 2. Understandably, Microsoft’s gem, the Surface Pro 3, has been getting most of the attention lately. But we’ve noticed dramatic improvements to the Surface 2’s performance […]

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Best Apps for Surface | Text-O-Matic

With full support for keyboard and mouse, the Surface is a clear winner in terms of potential tablet productivity. Most apps in the Windows Store do a poor job putting this to good use though. Text-O-Matic isn’t one of those apps. Text-O-Matic is an app that let’s you create infographics and typography from scratch. Although […]

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Microsoft’s Smartwatch Will Be Available in Coming Weeks

A report from Forbes late last night indicated that Microsoft’s smartwatch will be available in the next few weeks, ready in time for holiday shoppers. Since Black Friday, the year’s biggest shopping day, is coming at the end of next month, expect an announcement within the next 3 weeks. The report from Forbes also indicated […]

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